Smart Klaus

Your digital assistance system for manual production.

Maschine vision for maximum quality and productivity in your production.

Features and functionality

What is Smart Klaus?

Smart Klaus is a camera based digital assistance system designed to deliver smart production technology by supporting operators with manual assembly processes in your factory.


The Smart Klaus is an Automated Optical Inspection System - AOI - for use in manual and THT assembly stations. By performing real time assembly guidance and placement inspection, the operator can prevent defects from moving to the next process. Using Augmented Reality, the Smart Klaus will guide the operator through the assembly work process and ensure perfect quality in real time.


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1. – 2.05.2024

The Assembly Show South | Music City Center, Nashville

The ASSEMBLY Show SOUTH connects suppliers, buyers and users of assembly equipment in the southern region of the U.S. to discover assembly technologies, equipment and products, learn about assembly practices and network with professionals.

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Modular structure

Models for every area of application

Smart Klaus features a modular design, meaning there's a suitable model for every area of application:

  • Smart Klaus SK Receipt for the incoming goods department.
  • Smart Klaus SK Ident for the identification of unlabeled items and
  • Smart Klaus SK Assembly for mounting and assembly places,
  • Smart Klaus SK Inspect for end of line quality inspection


See below for further descriptions of the Smart Klaus models.

How it works

The assistance system in action

Smart Klaus uses one or more cameras to monitor the work area. An image processing software analyzes the work in progress, guides the operator through the work steps and warns immediately if anything is wrong.

The picture shows an illustrative setup. Smart Klaus is optionally available with or without a work table. All components can also be easily mounted on existing worktables or production lines.

An overview

Your benefits

Superior quality due to a permanent real time quality supervision.

No loss of time and material caused by rework or rejects.

Reduced training efforts for workers due to the automatic and permanent guidance of Smart Klaus.

Cost reductions.

Happy customers.

Satisfied workers.

Excellent competitiveness.

Find the perfect fit

Smart Klaus models

SK Receipt

SK Receipt

Smart Klaus for the incoming goods inspection

Smart Klaus Receipt guarantees the constant quality of your incoming goods inspection.

Incoming goods processes become faster and safer thanks to the automatic recognition and visual inspection function of the image-processing software.

  • Easy teaching of new articles
  • Identification of articles by visual characteristics, barcode, DataMatrix code or text recognition (OCR)
  • Optical check for the presence of visual characteristics
  • Optical check for absence of visual characteristics (for example, known defect images)
  • Optical inspection for dimensional accuracy
  • Counting the articles and comparison with predefined lists
  • Recording of the identified articles
  • Instructing employees during complex incoming goods inspections
  • Automatic documentation of incoming goods inspection (time stamp, serial number, test and measurement results, images)
  • Connection of digital measuring tools
  • Interface to the company IT for seamless integration into your flow of goods
SK Ident

SK Ident

Smart Klaus for automatic optical identification

SK Ident for tdentification of hard to distinguish IC trays.

Trays for IC production are collected in unsorted state for cleaning and reuse. The large number of 1,800+ different but similar tray types was a hard challenge to the workers. This task is now performed by Smart Klaus. The worker puts an IC tray below the camera and Smart Klaus tells him, which tray type it is and where to store it. Thus Smart Klaus eliminates the training requirements for the employees, minimizes the error rate and cuts the time for sorting and storage dramatically.

  • Easy training of new articles
  • Identification of articles by optical features
  • Provide and display master data for the identified article
  • Interface for integration into your company IT
  • Control of peripheral devices
SK Assembly

SK Assembly

Smart Klaus for manual assembly

SK Assembly guides workers step by step through the entire assembly process. Thanks to digital work instructions with accompanying images and real-time feedback, every employee is able to assemble everything – even without previous experience.

Manual assembly processes become faster and safer with the worker assistance system – thanks to the industrial image processing software with automatic recognition and optical inspection function.

  • Simple teach-in of new or modified assembly instructions
  • Step-by-step instruction of the worker on the screen
  • Optical inspection of each individual assembly step
  • Automatic switching on after successful execution of an assembly step
  • Error message in case of faulty or forgotten assembly steps
  • Automatic documentation of all assembly steps
  • Integration of digital assembly tools
  • Marking of points to be mounted by laser
  • Interface to the company IT for seamless integration into your production control
SK Inspect

SK Inspect

Smart Klaus for optical quality control

Smart Klaus Inspect was specially developed for end-of-line quality control.

The worker assistance system checks the quality of semi-finished and finished products after mounting and provides feedback. If a product is faulty, the system sends a signal and the worker can react.

  • Simple teaching of new or modified test instructions
  • Inspection of the test specimen on the basis of visual characteristics
  • Reporting of detected errors
  • Marking of the faulty areas on the screen
  • Automatic documentation of the inspection result
  • Instruction of the operator for complex testing processes
  • Integration of digital measuring tools
  • Marking of the defective spots by laser directly on the test specimen

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