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Smart Klaus

The cognitive assistance system for manual production

Laser guided THT assembly at SIEMENS site in Fürth/Germany.

The worker is guided by an on-screen visual instruction and a laser projection directly on the PCB. All assembly steps are checked automatically in real-time. Faults are reported immediately.

Final optical inspection of injection molded parts at NIRA KVS GmbH in Mühlacker/Germany.

The challenge at NIRA is the large variety in production. 1,500 different injection molded parts have to be checked with up to 100 test criterias each. This required extensive expert knowledge and was very time consuming for the worker.

The needed expert knowledge is now stored in the Smart Klaus test programs. This reduces the training effort for the workers to a minimum and cuts NIRA's inspection times by 75%.

Identification of hard to distinguish IC trays.

Trays for IC production are collected in unsorted state for cleaning and reuse. The large number of 1,800+ different but similar tray types was a hard challenge to the workers.

This task is now performed by Smart Klaus. The worker puts an IC tray below the camera and Smart Klaus tells him, which tray type it is and where to store it.

Thus Smart Klaus eliminates the training requirements for the employees, minimizes the error rate and cuts the time for sorting and storage dramatically.

Automatic identification and measurement of metallic hose couplings.

Smart Klaus identifies the hose couplings automatically and then runs an item specific quality check. This reduces the goods receipt inspection time by two thirds, makes testing faster and safer and thus enables the incoming goods department to perform a 100% quality check.